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Learning in Retirement

Learning in Retirement

Learning in Retirement is for anyone with a healthy sense of curiosity.

Created for and directed by retired and semi-retired Northwoods residents, the Learning in Retirement offers short-term learning experiences in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment. This is learning for the sheer pleasure of it. There are no grades, no tests, and no required attendance.

Mission Statement

Learning in Retirement at Nicolet College values lifelong learning by providing educational and social opportunities which are stimulating, exciting, challenging,
and fun.


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Current Curriculum

Check out the current courses offered for Fall 2017.

The following classes are full:

  • Glacial Landforms and Soils Tour, Sep. 8
  • Historic Boathouses, Sep. 18
  • Pirate Ship Tour, Sep. 21
  • Northern National Exhibit, Sep. 27
  • Trials and Tribulations of Facebook/Social Media and Family, Sep. 28
  • This Will Send You Reeling, Oct. 9
  • The Aging Eye, Oct. 12
  • New Findings in Neuroscience, Oct. 17
  • Who Was Martin Luther, Oct. 30

The following class has been cancelled:

Another Trivia Tussle, Wednesday, October 18

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Upcoming Events

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