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Professional Development

Develop skills that make you standout.

Certificate of Professional Development Overview

By completing the Certificate of Professional Development participants gain valuable skills in:

  • Communication
  • Job Seeking
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism

The Certificate of Professional Development’s interactive workshops and activities position you for seeking your dream job or promotion.

Your degree from Nicolet continues to pay off. Endorsed by business and professionals in the Nicolet College community, the Certificate of Professional Development is being offered to current students and recent graduates. As a local certificate, the Certificate of Professional Development will appear on your diploma and be listed in our graduation program.

Certificate of Professional Development Bootcamp

Complete all workshops and two activities during the Bootcamp - then you only have two activities and a capstone to complete the certificate.  The cost of the Bootcamp is $36 with the opportunity to seek financial assistance through the Nicolet College Foundation.

Feedback from Recent Graduates

"Thank you for having such an enriching program available to us! I feel comfortable saying that I've learned more applicable life skills in the last few months, during this program alone, than any other class or certification I've had before. I would recommend it to all Nicolet students."
– Associate of Science Graduate

"I especially liked the workshops for the direction they gave me towards my goal. By networking and having an up-to-date resume, both for graphic design and regular positions, the way is clear to soar into my dream of having my own business." 
– Graphic Design Graduate

Feedback from Employers

“The Certificate of Professional Development would be helpful to students as it exposes them to everyday situations in the workplace and assists them in learning how to deal effectively with these situations.  Having the certificate would give them an advantage over another job applicant as it shows that they have been educated and practiced in these important skills.”
– Human Resource Specialist

View upcoming opportunities to fulfill Certificate of Professional Development requirements.

For information or to register, please contact Sara Tienhaara or 715-365-4566.

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