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Nicolet College - Patti Brown named 2008 Student Ambassador


Patti Brown honored as

Nicolet's 2008 Student Ambassador


Don’t let her sweet and laid-back disposition fool you. Patti Brown knows what she wants and isn’t the least bit shy about putting in the effort necessary to get it.

And it’s that exact drive, determination and amiable personality that has earned her the honor of being named Nicolet College’s 2008 Student Ambassador, the highest honor the college bestows on a student.

“Patti is always pushing herself to learn more and achieve more,” Nicolet Medical Assistant Program Coordinator Candy Daily wrote in nominating her. “She’s highly motivated, goal oriented and always positive. She looks for the good outcome in any situation.”

As ambassador over the course of the coming year, Brown will work to promote Nicolet and help inform residents what opportunities Nicolet has available to them and their communities.

“Nicolet has so much to offer,” Brown said. “As ambassador, my main goal is to let as many people as possible know about all of the great opportunities available to them at Nicolet. Along with all of the degrees that lead to great careers, Nicolet also has this whole other side devoted to personal enrichment and lifelong learning. There really is something for everyone.”

In May, Brown graduated with a Medical Assistant diploma and will continue taking classes at Nicolet, most notably anatomy and physiology, over the next year. Her plan is to eventually transfer to the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and enter the Physician Assistant program.

“My thinking is that everybody needs medical care so there will always be a demand for people with medical skills,” she said.

Becoming a Physician Assistant will be Brown’s second career. She already holds a bachelor’s degree from UW-Green Bay, and for many years worked as a customer service manager for the Green Bay Press Gazette.

But there came a time a few years ago where Brown and her husband decided that they had had enough of Big City life. So they pulled up stakes and moved to Presque Isle. “A lot of people wait until they retire to live where they really want,” Brown explained. “We didn’t want to do that. We love the outdoors. We like the woods, the wilderness, the less populated areas, so we moved to an area where we could have that.”

To earn her degree Brown took advantage of Nicolet’s online classes, which reduced the number of there-and-back two-hour commutes between the college’s Rhinelander campus and her Presque Isle home.

“Everything went very smooth,” she said of her reentry into college and ultimately completing the Medical Assistant program. “The flexibility the online classes offered was really nice. The instructors had it very well scheduled and organized.”

But when she first started at Nicolet, she was a little concerned about how she would fit into the campus community. The last time she attended the university she was a young adult fresh out of high school. “Being in my 30s, I thought I would stand out like a sore thumb,” she said. “But it wasn’t like that at all. When I did go to campus for class, I quickly discovered that there were a fair number of students my age and older. I found the whole campus experience to be very relaxed and very friendly.”