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Nicolet College - Solid job skills can build security in unsettled times

Solid job skills learned at Nicolet
can build security in unsettled times


Building a solid set of job skills is a wise strategy to help create security in unsettled economic times, according to Nicolet College's director of enrollment services.

"The more valuable you are to an employer, the greater the chances are you'll be able to stay employed or find new employment when times get tough," said Nicolet's Susan Kordula.

She encouraged anyone interested in improving their jobs skills or learning skills for a new field to begin by taking classes next semester at Nicolet.

Classes start Jan. 22 for a wide variety of different programs. These include Business Management, Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Marketing; technologies such as Welding and Building Trades; and classes for numerous different health care degrees and diplomas.

Students interested in earning a bachelor's degree can also pick from a variety of University Transfer classes that start in January to meet education requirements of four-year degrees.

To accommodate busy schedules, Nicolet has been offering an increasing number of online classes to help students juggle family, work, and college. "The flexibility online classes offer has really opened the door to college for many, many students," Kordula explained. "There are still tests and deadlines, but students decide when they do the coursework. They can do it in the middle of the morning or the middle of the night. It's totally up to them."

For students new to online classes, Nicolet offers orientation sessions to help students understand and navigate the online learning environment. "It can be intimidating at first, but once students see what they need to do during these orientations, they become much more comfortable," she said. "We have many students who take nothing but online classes."

Nicolet also has career and academic counselors on staff to help students determine what career and college degree is right for them. Financial aid is also available.

For more information, students are encouraged to explore career options at or call the Nicolet College Admissions Office at (715) 365-4451 or 1-800-544-3039, ext. 4451.