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Nicolet College - Nicolet launches new Digital Media Arts certificate

Nicolet launches new
Digital Media Arts certificate

Nicolet College is now accepting students for the new Digital Media Arts advanced technical certificate that the college will launch this coming fall.

The 12-credit certificate will teach students a wide variety of up-and-coming skills including shooting and editing digital video, producing digital graphics and animation, DVD authoring, and producing streaming digital video.

"All of these skills are part of a natural evolution as we turn more and more to digital communication," said Daniel Goscha, graphic design instructor at Nicolet. "We're seeing a strong shift in this direction, both locally and across the country."

Goscha started putting the certificate together last year ago after talking with local employers about the need for people with these new skill sets. "What we found was that many employers were relying on existing staff to do this work, finding someone who was the closest fit and saying, ‘Hey, can you do this?'" he explained. "What the advanced certificate does is provide an opportunity for people currently doing this work to formalize the learning process and make it much more comprehensive."

The first of four three-credit classes will start in the Fall Semester. Courses in the sequence include:

- Interactive Multimedia, which will concentrate on the basics of information design, interactivity, and interface design using Adobe Flash and After Effects software.

- Introduction to Digital Media, which will have students exploring the concepts and theories behind creating digital media.

- Digital Video, which will teach students the basic tools of digital storytelling, from pre-shoot planning, lighting, sound, using a digital video camera, and editing digital footage.

- Compositing and Visual Effects, which will focus on creating motion graphics, animated video pieces, and video post-production

Goscha described his teaching style as one that puts a premium on hands-on activities. "We are going to make stuff - and a lot of it. Anyone going into this will need to be ready to complete quite a few different projects."

Jobs and skills graduates could expect to have include creating web-based digital video and animated graphics, news and television graphics; and shooting, producing, and designing television ads. Classes will also emphasize creating content for new digital devices, such as the iPhone.

"I also see a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for graduates. The door is wide open," said Goscha, who has a master's degree in graphic design from the University of Illinois - Urbana- Champaign. He also taught graphic design there for three years before coming to Nicolet in the fall of 2008. " Other potential career options include independent and documentary film making and digital video game design.

For more information about the new certificate, contact Goscha at (715) 365-4615, 1-800-544-3039, ext. 4615 or by email at For registration information contact the Nicolet College Admissions Office at (715) 365-4451 or 1-800-544-3039, ext. 4451.