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Nicolet College - Honig honored with Faculty Excellence Award

Jim Honig, Nicolet history instructor,
honored with Faculty Excellence Award

It takes a gifted individual to teach history in a way that makes events from the past relevant in today's world. And Nicolet history instructor Jim Honig was recently honored for that rare talent by receiving the college's 2009 Faculty Excellence Award.

Jim HonigHonig received the honor from his teaching colleagues at Nicolet who cast ballots for the annual selection.

"For nearly two decades Jim has delivered challenging intellectual content to Nicolet students," wrote Bruce Cray, who nominated Honig for the award. "Jim is an ideal representative of the high-quality teaching and all-around professionalism prevalent throughout the Nicolet College faculty."

While history has long been his forte, Honig is quick to point out that he is not a historian. "My main focus is to help students develop how they think about the past and how they can use what has happened in the past to make informed, thoughtful decisions about what is happening today," Honig explained. "That historical understanding serves as the base that shapes our future."

Over the years Honig has taught a wide variety of history classes. Over that time his students have delivered to him consistently high marks on end-of-semester student evaluation forms, making him one of the most popular instructors at Nicolet. Honig especially enjoys being contacted by his former students and hearing about their experiences once they have transferred from Nicolet to continue their education.

He's also an astute observer of current political issues as he is routinely sought out by local media for commentary and analysis on state and national political events.

Honig started teaching history at Nicolet 17 years ago, coming from Evergreen Valley Community College in San Jose, Calif. He has a bachelor of arts degree in history from the Santa Clara University, a master of arts degree in history from the University of California - Irvine, and a master of arts degree in political science from California State University - San Jose.