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Nicolet College - Sustainability Fair Exhibitors

Wide Range of Exhibitors
scheduled for Sustainable Living Fair


What follows is the list of exhibitors for the Sustainable Living Fair.


Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Helps people learn to live sustainably; to be happy with less; and to use materials and foods nearby to begin to live communally.


Hanson’s Garden Village

Hanson’s will focus on how to substitute native plants and low-impact gardening methods and products into your gardening.


MMK Solar Thermal

MMK Solar Thermal installs renewable energy systems for domestic hot water and space heating providing consumers with savings on energy costs.


Oneida County Beekeepers

Through pollination, bees are a very necessary key to the production of 1/3 of our food and enhance nearly 90% of our food. Bees are also crucial to the wildlife of a community by pollinating trees thus producing food for birds and small animals which in turn support other wildlife.


Rhinelander Area Community Garden/Food Pantry

The Rhinelander Area Community Garden grows food exclusively for the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry while educating people on growing their own food locally and lessening dependence on shipping fruits and vegetables from around the world.


Sustainable Northwoods

Sustainable Northwoods believes that balance between social, environmental and economic aspects leads to a healthy community, now and for future generations.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – Green Tier Program/Rhinelander Community Bike

Green Tier promotes “beyond compliance” conservation efforts for businesses. Community Bike offers alternative transportation opportunities for Rhinelander.


UWSP Treehaven

Through conservation and natural resource education and management citizens learn their connection and responsibility to our environment. Treehaven promotes environmental responsibility through its actions such as developing its own garden, compost and passive outdoor recreation.


SUN & Daughters Solar

SUN & Daughters designs and installs solar electric systems. Solar electricity creates no emissions, pollution, hazardous or other waste; and displaces the carbon, mercury and nitrous and sulphuric compounds created by conventional utility generation.


Nicolet Building Trades Program and E3 Home Performance Service

Demonstration of blower door testing.


Mel’s Trading Post

Exhibit will focus on using bikes as a mode of transportation.


Organic Valley Family of Farms

This organic dairy farm in Gleason uses no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or petroleum-based fertilizers.


The Color Gallery

The Color Gallery sells non-toxic paints and finishes along with environmentally friendly and healthy flooring, countertops, recycled glass tiles, etc.


Gentle Healing Acupuncture & Natural Medicine

Sustainable health begins with preventive measures and an overall healthy lifestyle. Gentle Healing espouses this main philosophical principal as part of their approach to naturopathic medicine.


Ministry Weight Management

The weight management program sponsored by Ministry Health Care promotes healthy life style behaviors. Its approach to a healthy diet consists of high volumes of fruit and vegetables and reducing portions of meat.


Sauter Builders

The way a home is constructed and finished plays an important part in its energy efficiency. Whether building a new home or remodeling an existing one, by choosing energy efficient products and systems (and a knowledgeable builder), you can greatly reduce your contribution to the carbon footprint and reduce your energy costs.


Timberlog Works

Timberlog Works produces green built/Energy Star rated homes that save 60% on energy costs.


Many Ways of Peace/Seed to Seed Edible Garden Project

Seed to Seed provides education and promotes sustainable food growing practices for people of all socio-economic means. They grow food for the Vilas Food Pantry and the Many Ways of Peace kitchen.


Oneida County Economic Development

OCEDC will be providing information on Oneida County’s Sustainable Business Park.


Mike Hartmann Construction

Mike Hartmann Construction utilizes efficient building practices in the construction of energy efficient homes.


Custom Concrete Innovations

Custom Concrete Innovations produces CSA cements, providing a 60% reduction in greenhouse gasses when compared to conventional cement. The company also uses recycled materials (i.e. glass, broken mirrors, etc.) in the production of counters, headstones, and other products.


Northern Highland American Legion State Forest

Staff will share information on sustainable forestry practices, SFI certification, efforts to maintain sustainable recreation areas, and examples of efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.


Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy works with eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


Cordwood Construction

Specializing in sustainable, economical, and aesthetically-pleasing construction using renewable resources.


Food Vendors

Holiday Acres

Joe’s Pastry Shop

Northern Coffee Haus

Langlade Hospital Nutritionists.