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Nicolet College - Science Academy Photo Story



High school freshmen, sophomores attend
hands-on Environmental Science Academy at Nicolet


 Oct. 14, 2011

water samplingWho wants to go to school on Saturdays?

Twenty-five area high school freshmen and sophomores recently elected to do just that in order to attend the pre-college Environmental Science Academy at Nicolet College.

For five consecutive Saturdays, the students are gathering on the Rhinelander campus to sharpen their science, technology, engineering and math skills. They do this through a variety of hands-on projects that culminate with the production of a video on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species in the Northwoods.

Here, academy instructor Cindy Skinner Edlund teaches a small group of students how to collect water samples to determine dissolved oxygen and nutrient levels in the lake.




Another activity had students going out onto Lake Julia in canoes and checking traps for rusty crayfish, an invasive species that, under the right conditions, can explode in population, disrupting natural ecological balance to the detriment of native plant and fish life.






water testing


Students learned proper scientific process through hands-on activities like this one where students were testing water chemistry.









shooting video


Along with learning about science, students also explored digital video technology. Here, students shoot footage for the for the aquatic invasive species educational video.






Digital Media Lab



In Nicolet's Digital Media Arts Lab, students learn the software they'll need in order to assemble their videos.