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Nicolet College - University Transfer Program popular with students seeking bachelor’s degrees


Nicolet University Transfer Program popular
with students seeking bachelor's degrees


October 18, 2011

Easy credit transfer, affordable tuition, and quality academics are driving the solid enrollment trends in Nicolet College's University Transfer Liberal Arts program where students complete the first two years of a bachelor's degree.

"More students are discovering that they can start at Nicolet and then transfer their Nicolet credits to just about any four-year college or university in the state," said Nicolet College President Elizabeth Burmaster. "This includes the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Nicolet has a unique partnership with the state's flagship university that guarantees admission to students in good standing who graduate from Nicolet's University Transfer Liberal Arts program."

ChemistryEnrollment in the college's Transfer program, which is the largest program at Nicolet, increased 5 percent this fall compared to the fall of 2010.

Nicolet currently has 51 credit transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities that cover hundreds of different majors. These agreements are with all 13 of the University of Wisconsin four-year campuses as well as with numerous private colleges and universities.

Two of these agreements are with UW-Madison. Both the Connections Program and the Guaranteed Transfer Contract create smooth pathways for Northwoods students to study at a world-class university famous for its high admissions standards. Under the Connections Program, incoming freshmen who are accepted into UW-Madison enroll at both Nicolet and UW-Madison and enjoy all of the benefits each institution has to offer. This includes receiving a UW-Madison ID that grants access to UW-Madison libraries, recreational facilities, ability to purchase tickets to UW-Madison athletic events at student rates, and access to cultural and social events on the UW-Madison campus.

Under the Guaranteed Transfer Contract, Nicolet Transfer students can move on to Madison if they declare their intent to do so before they earn 30 credits at Nicolet.

Under both programs, students must complete at least 54 credits at Nicolet and maintain at least a B average before they transition to UW-Madison where they are granted full junior status.

Kyle McLaughlin is one of the students who has taken advantage of Nicolet's easy credit transfer options and comparatively low tuition.

"I was able to save thousands of dollars by starting at Nicolet compared to what it would have cost if I had started at a four-year college," he said. "That was huge. My thinking was that you're paying for your education so you might as well get the best one for your money."

McLaughlin graduated from Nicolet's two-year University Transfer Liberal Arts associate degree program and promptly transferred all of his Nicolet credits to UW-Stevens Point. He graduated from there debt-free with a bachelor's degree in natural resources management and is currently finishing his master's degree at Point in the same field.

"Quality education and affordable tuition make the Transfer program very attractive, especially in these challenging economic times," President Burmaster explained. "When students do transfer, their Nicolet credits count just the same toward a bachelor's degree as those they would have earned starting at the four-year college."

Tuition in Nicolet's University Transfer Program is $150 per credit – approximately half of what students pay at four-year campuses in the UW System.

Along with the tuition savings, McLaughlin was able to live at home while attending Nicolet, which also reduced costs. "That was a huge money-saver, living at home and not having to pay room and board," he said.