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Nicolet College - Academic Success Program helps hundreds make college a reality



Nicolet College's Academic Success Program
helps hundreds make college a reality


Jan. 18, 2012

Looking to earn a college degree but wonder if you have the academic skills needed to succeed? Relax. Nicolet College's Academic Success Program can help.

"It's common for students to feel this way and be a little nervous," said Rose Prunty, dean of Academic Success and University Transfer at Nicolet.

"But what's most important is that people do not let this stop them from getting the college education that will help them get ahead in life. The Academic Success Department is designed specifically to help get students up to speed academically and succeed in college classes."


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Every year hundreds upon hundreds of students turn to the program to get up to speed academically. In recent years, Prunty said she has seen an increasing number of adults seeking Academic Success services, due mainly to the recession and the inordinate unemployment that accompanied the downturn.

"Many people lost their jobs and turned to Nicolet to either upgrade their skills or learn new skills in order to get back into the workforce," she added. "Many of these people had not been in a classroom for a while. It's understandable that people forget things over that period of time. What we do in Academic Success courses is get them back up to speed."

As helpful as college prep classes are, they are just one component of many that fall under the broad umbrella of Academic Success, Prunty went on to explain.

"People are surprised when they learn about all the different programs and services we have to help people become successful," she said. "In 2011 we had more than 1,000 students utilize some aspect of Academic Success."

One of the best parts of this for students is that all these services are offered for free, or at a very minimal cost of $4, Prunty added.

Another major component of the Academic Success program is helping students earn their GED or HSED. Last year 160 students earned a GED or HSED through Nicolet.

Nicolet's Academic Success program offers services on the Rhinelander Campus one mile south of the city and at nine outreach centers located throughout the Nicolet District. Locations include Carter, Crandon, Eagle River, the Forest County Potawatomi Community, Lac du Flambeau, Minocqua, Mole Lake, Tomahawk, and at the Curran Building in downtown Rhinelander.

Click here to view outreach center hours

"Because many of our students have limited income, this creates transportation problems," Prunty explained. "By offering these classes and services in outlying areas – bringing the classes closer to where they live – we're removing the transportation barrier that would otherwise prevent them from getting the education they want and need."

Other Academic Success programs include:

- Teaching classes for inmates in county jails and at the state McNaughton Correctional Center.

- College academic support services that provide a broad array of tutoring services to assist students in specific academic areas and in the use of various computer technologies.

- The ADVANCE program where at-risk high school students take classes on the Nicolet campus to meet the graduation requirements of their high schools.

- English language classes for students who need to become fluent in English.

"So much of our work goes on in the background of the regular college classes that Nicolet offers," she said. "Most people don't realize the breadth of different services we offer and how much students benefit. But we see the results every day when students walk out our door and into a college classroom."