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Nicolet College - Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital donates ambulance to Nicolet College



Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital
donates ambulance to Nicolet College


Jan. 13, 2012

Students in Nicolet College's emergency services classes will get a greater real-world learning experience thanks to the recent donation of an ambulance to the college by Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital.

ambulance donation"The ambulance will create a more realistic learning environment for our students," said Jason Goeldner, Nicolet College director of Protective Services. "Having an ambulance on campus will create more opportunities for students to learn in a real-world setting, including when the ambulance is traveling down the road."

Nicolet instructors will use the ambulance to train future paramedics and EMTs.

"The donation of the ambulance is a great way to give back to Nicolet and the community," said Jeff Freese, EMS Manager, Ministry Howard Young Health Care. "A large majority of our EMS staff has received training from Nicolet, whether it's the basic EMT, or the paramedic courses."

"A lot of the students that come from the Nicolet programs are employed locally whether it's at Ministry Health Care or a local fire department," added Goeldner. "We also provide refresher training for those same organizations so current healthcare employees will benefit from the donation as well."

It's one thing to learn a skill in a spacious classroom and another to practice it in the limited space that's available in an ambulance. In the past, this type of training had to be coordinated with local ambulance services.

"It's a great piece of equipment because our students will be able to get in the back of an ambulance and run a call as they would in the real world," said Liz Reischel, Nicolet Emergency Medical Training Instructor/Coordinator. "We were training in the classroom and would set up medical emergency scenarios, but this is invaluable because, in the back of an ambulance with close spaces it's a little more difficult than in a big classroom."

According to Freese, the donation could benefit Ministry Health Care in the future as well. "Adding the ambulance from MERMH is going to give the students a sense of realism. It's a win-win situation for Ministry Health Care to provide the vehicle, and down the line that student may be one of our well-trained employees."

Goeldner added that the ambulance is a great addition to the existing fleet of Protective Services training vehicles at Nicolet, which includes a police squad car and a pumper fire truck, added Goeldner.