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Nicolet College - Nicolet leads state in enrolling recent high school graduates


Nicolet leads state in enrolling
recent high school graduates


May 11, 2012
Nicolet College continues to be popular with recent high school graduates as more than 40 percent of the 2008 graduating seniors in the Nicolet district attended a technical college within three years of graduation. The vast majority of these enrolled at Nicolet, according to a recently released state report.

high school grads"This tells us that students continue to see the value of a Nicolet education," said Nicolet College President Elizabeth Burmaster. "High quality education combined with affordable tuition makes Nicolet very attractive for students seeking the job training that will help them get ahead in life."

Of the 2008 graduating class, 43.8 percent, or 409 students, enrolled in the technical college system, predominantly Nicolet. Nicolet led all 16 of the state's technical colleges, on a percentage basis, in attracting high school graduates from its district into the state tech system.

"The knowledge base Nicolet graduates bring to Northwoods communities plays a critical role in furthering economic development in the region," Burmaster added.

"We hear from employers time and again that a skilled workforce is vital for their success," she said. "It's encouraging to see such a large number of young adults attend Nicolet. This has the dual benefit of improving their own lives as well as providing the talent area businesses need to succeed."